Life-long entrepreneur. Starting with a lemonade stand at age 8 with the help of my father. (If we ever meet, ask how my lemonade stand career ended with an encounter with the ATF)

At 15 got my first real job as a dreaded telemarketer for hard money loans in late 80’s. Telemarketing thought me that persistence is key & failure is common; both prerequisites for success. Worked as a telemarketer for the following 3 years until 18, which was the last time I earned a paycheck from an employer.

At 18 obtained my real estate license and worked as a mortgage broker (which was my career for next 19 years) while attending Cal State Fullerton for a business degree.

Early in my mortgage career, learned that I should focus on inbound marketing and getting possible clients to call me. The school / work & eventually life, wife & kids balance created desire to work smarter with even more focus on inbound marketing & automation.

Early adopter of all tech. Two way pagers and 1st cell phone with AirTouch :). As technology such as fax machines and computers became available I studied consumer direct marketing. This led to highly targeted database driven consumer / agent direct marketing in the real estate and mortgage space. At first using direct mail and eventually hacking together a fully automated fax marketing system.

In 1998 I made the jump from database driven direct mail and fax to online with the purchase of my first domain name, Microsoft Frontpage software along with books on HTML, web design and coding. Since then, I have attended every possible internet marketing, SEO, lead gen and real estate tech conference possible to satisfy my curiosity for learning.

Today… a daily journey of learning and observation from those smarter than me, attempting to solve common problems using technology in simple, elegant ways.

Most recently I’m the founder of an automated inbound lead management system.

Always curious. Always hungry. Always willing to help.