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As a Marker Agent, You'll Receive a Complete Success Suite

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To help jumpstart your business, you’ll receive leads in the areas you serve. Of course, leads are expensive for us to generate via online portals, search and social media advertising, however, you won’t pay a penny. Our goal is to help you close more deals—fast.

Inside Sales Team

We have a fully staffed inside sales team that works around the clock. Their job is to call new and old leads, with the goal of finding clients for you. When an inside sales agent finds a match, you’ll be sent a vetted lead. We know… It’s awesome…

Business Growth Coaching

Our Founder, Kevin Markarian, has helped top producers across the country elevate their business. He charges thousands of dollars per month for coaching services to other brokerages and teams. However, as a Marker agent, you will receive free, one-on-one coaching sessions simply by requesting them.

In-House Marketing

We provide the resources you need for creating personal and property promotions, online and offline, such as listing presentation, property flyers, and CMA’s. Our in-house marketing team can also help you launch paid and non-paid online promotion campaigns to help drive more business.

Mentoring Program

All Marker agents are part of a team… We never want you to feel alone. All teams are led by some of our top agents. They’ve mastered the the ability to grow their business and can help you do the same.

Automation Software

No agent has time to call, text, and email all of their contacts. We get it… However, in order to successfully prospect, it has to been done. One of the keys to closing more deals is consistent follow-up. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the most innovative software platforms — allowing you to put these tasks and more on autopilot.

Marker Concierge Service

As a Marker agent, we always want you to be focusing your time on dollar producing activities… That’s why we created a unique concierge service. We can handle most anything you might need, from help setting showing appointments to scheduling a pet sitter, we’ve got you covered.

First-Class Training Opportunities

We have relationships with tons of top producers and business leaders throughout the country. Real estate is a fast-paced game, we like to equip our agents with the knowledge to implement the same strategies top producers are employing. That’s why we consistently invite these great minds to share what has worked with our team.

Collaborative Community

At Marker, collaboration is ingrained in our culture. We think it’s important to share our our business happenings with each other. Agents use our established online community to seek advice, discuss strategy, request help, or simply share their successes. We like to think of all Marker agents as family. We always have your back.


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