[00:00] Steve: Guys so if I asked you a question just do me a favour toss it and chat, give me a one or two, a yes or no, a middle finger or a like whatever just tells me, so I know you are listening alright. So when Kevin asked me a while ago if there’s anything that I would like to contribute to you guys. There’s a couple things I’m really passionate about in this business and before I get into it, I want you guys to know I’ve been licensed since February 2007, I started a business in Phoenix Arizona, we went through the whole Ario phase, short sale phase but the majority of my experience is in luxury real estate and multifamily investment real estate, a lot of people don’t know that.


So forty one hundred units in Phoenix Arizona, three years ago we moved to Carlsbad California somewhere around the seven hundred home sale, total number since I’ve been licensed, Kevin mentioned as a coach for Tom, had done that for seven years, I just retired from being a coach, about sixty days ago with over seven thousand coaching calls and I was the one you came to if you were a team and you needed to scale and push from there, that was kind of my coaching brand, so it’s important to know all that stuff because I go through what I’m going to tell you today, I have a lot of domain experience that I can share with you guys right now so that you can take what I’m going to give you an immediately in your business.


So do me one quick question or one favour, Joan the sound isn’t working Kevin you can hear me obviously?


Kevin: We can hear you.


Tristan: It sounds fine on our end buddy.


Steve: Okay, cool.


Kevin: Let me just check on Joan’ side.


Steve: No problem, so do me a favour, put in chat right now if you work with buyers, just say yes or no if you don’t work with buyers.


Kevin: You’re getting a bunch of yeses.


Steve: Okay, cool. I just want to make sure we were paying attention. So I actually believe we’ve all heard the term Kevin; what are the age old terms? Like buyers or liars or if you work with buyers you’re going to die or if you don’t work with listings you don’t have any leverage, ever heard any of those terms before.


Kevin: Yeah.


Steve: Okay, cool. So my intent today is to give you four tactics that are going to shorten your buyer process and I get your commission checks, more efficiently with less stress, that’s why it’s time for right now. Okay, I believe when you work with buyers the right way there are just as leveragible as listings in so many ways if you work in the right way, if you work in the way I got a Zillow lead, any lead on line and I’m just a glorified showing agent, it’s a really bad process and it’s really tough to build wealth with buyers that way. So I’m going to give four strategies right now that will help streamline that process so I can make you more money between now and next year and ultimately forever, sounds fair?


Okay; Number one I want you guys to write this down, I want you to write down the word objections. And I’m not one of those guys that’s like hold all your questions to the end, if you have a question just it raise it, Kevin or Tristan will interrupt me and I’ll answer it for you. Too many times we get on scripts or we get on the call and we let the buyer determine whether they’re a buyer or whether they’re not, that’s not your job. Your job is to determine whether they’re a buyer or whether they’re not. We are all taught to object at first


[03:00] glance right, we are just naturally taught to do so, you go to the car dealership Tristan and I’ve talked about this before, you know you’re there to buy a car, you get there you’re staring at the very car you’re going to buy the guy walks up to and says hey welcome to the dealership, so you’re here to buy a car right, you’re like no-no-no, I’m just looking, don’t talk to me.


Even though you know you’re there trying to buy a car, we still say it. Guess what? It happens in real estates too right. So don’t let the back and forth commentary on the phone dictate whether they’re a buyer, hopefully all of you guys give me one more yes; how many of you guys one hundred percent can say I operate from a script every single lead call I make?


Don’t confuse having a script with being a robot. Because even when you don’t have a script, you probably still have a script.


Kevin: I’ve got some yeses and some no.


Steve: Yeah, so we’re fifty-fifty so far. Okay, cool. So here are the rules around objections the first thing that I want to write, I want you to write down is I want you to make the commitment I see no but working out of that’s awesome, I want you to make the commitment right now that you were going to ask for the appointment every single time. Because until you ask for the appointment, you’ll never know what their true motivation is.


Now, I want to tell you as I as I tell you that, not all appointments are the same. Tristan do have question or were you aiming at somebody else?


Tristan: I was giving a thumbs up to somebody.


Steve: Not all appointments are the same. Here’s what I mean by that, sometimes you’re going to set a coffee meeting, sometimes you might do a neighborhood tour sometimes it might be a buyer consultation sometimes it made me hey I’m looking to buy nine months I’m not ready right now and I’m in town what do you have and you just want to do like a very friendly meeting upfront to kind of set the stage because we know that most people when they say our timeframe…


Mark is… Kevin is nine month standby in six right, they never buy according to schedule. That’s number two I’d write down; buyers never buy according to schedule. So that’s not a reason when we ask them questions, z they tell us when they want to move in, I’m not saying don’t listen to them I’m saying don’t hold them to that fire because it’s almost always not going to be straight.


Tristan and I’ve talked about this at length in the past, when I talk about a script, now I’m not a coach or I’m not a tech leader or real estate agent that’s going to tell you there’s one script that is like the best script out there right, because there’s ways that I would deliver a script, there’s ways that Tristan will deliver a script, there’s ways to Kevin would deliver a scripts and they’d all be different because we all have different personalities, good?


What I would tell you is whatever your script is you need to follow it every single time without fail because if you don’t, you’ll never know how to get better.


Kevin: I have a question?


Steve: Shoot.


Kevin: Give us an example of how you would ask for an appointment?


Steve: Do you want me to give you a script?


Kevin: Yeah.


[06:00] Steve: Yeah. Let’s test it from a while back. I didn’t go over this with you, I think over this with a team. There’s actually…


It’s an older close in regards to how long it’s been taught but it’s an A.B.C. close and that stands for action, benefit and commitment. So it’s really simple, here’s the action; Kevin why we do this? That’s the first part of the action, this is what I want you to take.


Why don’t you and I schedule a time to go grab a coffee? So that’s the first part of close and Kevin you know what we should do this. Why don’t you and I, Even though are on the phone I would talk with your hands because it makes you commit to the conversation. Why don’t you and I take some time to schedule a time to go grab a coffee? That’s the action.


The benefit, I never want to give them more than two reasons to meet with me. So it’s a two part benefit, when we do so Kevin I’ll show you how I’ve positioned so many buyers just like you to win in this crazy market. “When we do that I’m going to show you how I’ve positions so many buyers just like you to win in this crazy market.” That’s benefit number one, I would stop there if you want.


Here is number two; “and if you’ve got time after, I’ve got four homes I think you should see, why don’t we go see those right away.” And if you’ve got time after I got four homes I think you should see why don’t we see those right away.


Because remember every buyer, the only thing that we have that they can have access to and even that’s getting a little iffy right now is showings right. So we want to make sure we honour that process right now.


Kevin: That’s so good.


Steve: Yeah then we got to get to the commitment right, so I’m not a fan of like to see Tuesday at three or Friday at four, this may be against your teams and I won’t challenge it, I’ll tell you why I’m not a fan. If I say so Tristan what works better Tuesday at three or Friday at four and the client says well I don’t know, let me talk to my wife. Now you’ve got to think OK Did they object to Tuesday at three or Friday at four or are they just objecting with meeting with me. So we want to keep that open.


“So Tristan in your opinion what would work better, should we do it this week or should we wait for the weekend.”


In your opinion what would work better should we do it this week or should we wait till the weekend. And Kevin to role play this with the really quick, let me show you how I take that to the end.


So Kevin in your opinion, what do you think would work better, should we do it this week or should we wait till the weekend?


Kevin: Probably the weekend.


Steve: Fantastic, which days would be better for you?


Kevin: Sunday might work.


Steve: Okay, let me look at my counter really quick, you know I’ve got Sunday wide open, why don’t you just pick a time after two o’clock.


Kevin: How about four thirty?


Steve: Perfect, so now I’ve got you committed for four thirty. Why do you want to go down that road? Why do I want to go through all those questions for you to say four thirty?


Kevin: To get me to start saying yes.


Steve: Okay, so it’s definitely a yes pattern. What else? You’re one hundred percent right and any other guesses?


Tristan: you suck Kevin.


Kevin: I suck and I’m a horrible student. My other guess would be; I mean you’re getting me to commit right,


[09:00] Tristan: I mean you’re giving me the option to choose and it makes you feel like it’s my decision rather than yours.


Steve: Right there, right there, Tristan just said it, That’s your appointment time, that’s not mine, so don’t cancel on yourself, you’re the one who said Sunday at four thirty. Now there’s some weird language in there that some people pick up on right away most people are going to go right through.


If you guys remember I said Hey Kevin in your opinion what would work better this week or this weekend? Kevin said Sunday. Most realtors are like “Okay, this time, this time, this time, this time,” and the consumer has to pick the realtors time, there’s a language thing you can shift there and if you remember I said, “Oh that’s good Kevin, I have Sunday wide open why don’t you pick a time after two?”


Do I really have Sunday wide open? No I don’t, I only have after two o’clock but I don’t want you to say OK let’s do Sunday at 10. “oh, I’m busy.” Okay, 11, no I’m busy. Okay, twelve? No I’m busy. but if you pick the time, if I give you, Tristan almost said earlier, the illusion of choice, you will buy into that appointment a little bit more. So the language pattern there is I’ve got Sunday, I’ve got Friday wide open, why don’t you just pick any time after four.


They’re not going to say well wait a second, you just said wide open why is a why is eleven o’clock not available? They’re too focus on answering the question. Does that make sense?


My coach six years ago told me to do this and I fought him to death I said that’s stupid and he goes No, it’s not try it once and you’re closing ratio will double and mine didn’t double, it went way past that because I put the consumer in charge. Sound good?


Kevin: One thing that I really liked about that from the very beginning is how you use the words why don’t we or we should, why don’t we do this, we should do this like you’re already in control like and if you doing it in a way that it’s not challenging or I don’t feel like I’m being forced, you’re just kind of saying why don’t we try this, we should do this and I just feel like using those words is really important and you get it off to the right start.


Steve: Yeah, it’s also important that if you’re on a call with a potential client whether it’s a seller or a buyer and you’re doing all your qualification and then it comes to time to get to the close there should be no nervousness right there because you are you should have built the rapport right there, you should know by the time it gets to the point where you say Kevin, why don’t we do this? You already know if it’s a yes or no, there should be no gambling taking right here, if there is a gamble here it’s because you didn’t ask influential questions before.


That’s the only reason or you guys just flat out or are way out of rapport and you weren’t smart enough to catch it or I should say smart if you weren’t present enough to catch it. So there should be no risk on that. There’s another really good close that I heard when I bought a car. I like to feel or say I’d make smart decisions, the one smart decision I don’t make is I buy cars probably too often, I was at a dealership in January and it’s a higher priced vehicle dealership and


[12:00] THEY WERE detailing the car, I was already done and there was this guy who was just circling this S.U.V. Kevin over and over and over again, the sales guy was be really nice and then he just asked the question, he said something the effect is listen; I’m OK with whatever you tell me when I ask this question but if I made the process super easy for you and you were excited about the price, do you want to buy the truck and the guy just kind of pause there, he goes you know what? What kind of price are we talking about?


I don’t know? Name it and if I can do it I’ll get it done, if I can make the rest the process easier, is there any reason you choose not to buy the truck and the guy just sat there and he goes you know what, I’m ready let’s go. He just needed that like friendly pull of like hey if I can help you out, if I can make this easy, if we can start the process? Should we do it right and then he could have objected there and then salesperson would have known how to pivot but the most important thing when we close is that you make them feel safe, you make them feel that you’re confident in their process right.


Okay. So number one was objections, let them object, objections are not bad in our business they teach us how to pivot. So don’t view objections are stopping points, view objections as nothing more than somebody wants to say yes but they haven’t yet heard the right things to make them feel safe enough to say yes.


Number two; do we have any question so far? Are we doing good?


Kevin: I think we’re doing great man.


Steve: We’re seventy minutes in and I’m only at number two. Okay, this one’s a really simple one and I want you guys to make this commitment right now on the call, if the buyer is not worth leveraging for a listing, you don’t have a buyer.


I’ll say it again; “if the buyer is not worth leveraging for a listing you don’t have a buyer.” Here’s what I mean by that, some of you guys have…


Let’s say Tristan, I want to buy in Carlsbad, I want to be in one two zero one, my price points is nine hundred to a million one hundred, I need four bedrooms. Okay, so that’s pretty-pretty specific buying criteria here right, if the buyer is not going to give me permission to run a Facebook video ad if I can’t go door knocking, if I can’t send a letter, if I can’t do all these activities looking for off market properties for them because by the way we should be doing that whether there’s inventory or whether there’s not, if they object to that you should automatically know I don’t have a real buyer.


Tristan: Oh, interesting, I didn’t even know to approach it that way, that’s smart.


Steve: Yeah and so one of the things that we talk about in the Buyer consultation is…


You know we hear it all the time Tristen like look I’m working with like seven different agents, ones is you know Douglas Elliman agent, all over the place, why are you different right and so we immediately go into the script of look there’s a whole bunch of inventory out there that exists, it’s not on the market, do the other agents have a strategy to get you in front of those and of course we’re going to say no because nobody knows how to quantify this. Well, let me tell you what’s going to happen when you choose to hire me as your broker and we’re going to say, “I’m going to send letters every single home that exists in your search criteria that’s not in the market. I got a letter that works, I’m going to mail those out, we’re going to do a Facebook Live Video calling out all the potential sellers out there, we’re going to go door knock, I’m going to talk to my realtor network I have an amazing platform called “Kingston lane,” that has a whole bunch of


[15:00] Sellers opportunities in it, I’m going to spread everything that you are looking to buy, if they object right there you need to handle that objection because what’s happening right now we’re making it real and we’re making them…


You know it’s a little micro commitment right because when I find that off market opportunity Tristan, I need to be able to procure a showing, if I do all that work and some seller says yeah Kevin you know what I’m thinking of selling right now, you know tell me about your buy, what are they looking for, well I could give you all the details but the best thing we could do is Why don’t we just get to a showing let me see if he has any interest, if he does let’s take it from there, if you can’t procure that showing, you’re dead in the water right there because now you’re just one of those agents that always has a buyer but can actually procure. Right?


Two benefits right there; number one I want to get you more listings right, that’s benefit number one, benefit Number two is it’s one more thing that gives you a little bit more confidence, if you guys are going to waste your high value time your gas, the wear on your vehicle all that stuff that you know down here it’s really hot for some reason right now, if you’re going to sweet your face off all day, like I want to know that if I do my job and I do it correctly you and I can close a deal together. That’s it, I just want to be sure that everybody I put in the car I’m actually going close a deal, that was number two any questions on that?


Tristan: No, let’s see if anybody has got any question.


Steve: I know I talk really fast.


Tristan: No question.


Steve: And I make up words too. Okay, number three; I went to the Ivy League school of Arizona State and Arizona state has their own vocabulary. Okay, so number three that I wrote down, I want you guys to start prescheduling, I’m just going right on prescheduled your showing. What does that mean.?


Couple things; How many of you guys, show of hands, you know one two, yes no, Whatever, put it in the chat. How many of you guys are guilty of getting into the office every single day looking at my phone, checking my e-mail and looking at the e-mails and finding out who I’m going to show homes to this week?


We’re letting the client drive the process. Look, it happens to me all the time, I know you guys do it, put in the chat. Are you guys guilty of that, yes or no?


Tristan: Everyone’s typing Yes.


Steve: Yeah. Okay, yes too often, yes-yes-yes. Okay, I don’t know about you guys but it makes me lose control over my business because today I may have the intent of four hours worth of a calling expired, like I’m going to dominate expired today, I’m pumped up I did my morning affirmations, you know I’m showered, I’m ready to go, I’m in the office, I got my headset, I turn on my email and I’ve got seven buyers that have to see home today because I just sit still yesterday.


Now my schedule is completely done, too many of us are caught on that hamster will, well so how do we get out of that? Number one back to the buyer consultation, when we sit down and they say well how [inaudible] going to say well listen, a lot of agents are going to give you access to an M.L.S. search portal or you’re going to go to Zillow where they’re going to get you access to their MLS, they’re going to set you up on a safe search and they’re going to say whenever you see a property that you like e-mail me and I’ll show it to you and there’s nothing wrong with that process but it puts you in the driver’s seat and listen Mr client does it really make sense for you to drive a bus that you’re paying me to find?


You know but does that make any sense whatsoever? I’m making all the money here, let me drive the bus, let me tell you how I do that. So, I’m going to tell you as I walk you through this process, this is much easier said than done. Okay, it takes a lot of discipline to be able to do this. I’m a driver analytical and it took me a lot longer for me to go to the schedule than anybody else. So here’s what that looks like;


Step one, is you need to set your calendar for showing appointments. My coach long time ago said Steve from now on out, you are no longer able to show homes unless it’s Thursday Friday or Saturdays, on Thursday and Friday you can do it after two pm and on Saturdays you can do it after one. You are not allowed to show Homes any other day during week and I said Coach there’s no way I can do that, I’m way too busy.


He goes, you’re not, look at your calendar. You’re only showing two to three buyers a week right now. You are not in the car every single day and I’m like yeah, but they need to see multiple homes and the homes are selling really quick, it’s multiple offers, we got a jump-jump-jump, he said look I understand all of that you are not allowed to show homes anymore until Thursday Friday after two o’clock, Saturday after one.


What I remember getting off that call thinking my business is going to tank if I do this. Here’s number two, here’s where it gets better, you never show more than four homes.


Kevin: I’m going to have some questions on this one.


Tristan: Yeah, I think we’re probably going to get the biggest pushback on that.


Steve: And to be honest, it’s not the fourth, there’s no magic number, it could be three, it could be six, I wouldn’t do like twelve because you know what happens right, we go on these marathon showing appointments on Saturday, we show them twelve homes in twelve different communities and at the end is the client excited or are they on the motion exhausted?


Tristan: They’re emotional exhaustive usually and they’re confused.


Steve: They’re confused right and so all the sudden, they say oh Tristan we really like the white home that had the kitchen with the blue cabinets and the career marble, the wood in the pool and you’re like dude that was three homes that you just blended together. There was no home that we saw like that right. So they don’t remember one home from the other Okay. So here here’s where it comes down to being a really really-really-really good agent, in order for you to commit to show forty six homes and no more than forty six homes in showing, you have to choose those homes.


You can’t let them choose it and so now you might be thinking again, well crab if we choose or what happens if we choose the wrong ones, well you could and you know you’re going to get better with that. So here’s how we set the client up for that. Tristan when you and I agree to see homes together, I have a very specific process of doing so, do you mind if I share it with you?


Tristan: yeah, go ahead.


Steve: Because we got to get them buying right. Every time that you and I go and see homes I’m never going to show you more than four, would you like me to explain why?


Kevin: Sure.


Steve: And then we go into the explanation right. I found in being a real estate agent for twelve years and found over seven hundred homes, any other time I show you more than four homes, you get confuse, it causes stress and it weakens your negotiation point. You don’t want that to happen do you?


Tristan: No.


Steve: Here’s what I would recommend, our first couple of outings. Why don’t you let me choose the top four homes that are for sale based on your search criteria and here’s what that would look like after every single home Tristan, I’m going to ask you one simple question, I’m going to ask you if you’d like to buy that home. Now it’s important to understand that I’m not asking you because I want to commission cheque, as matter of fact I’d rather prefer a no than A Yes.


My only request is if you give me you know you tell me why so I never show you a home like that again. And in my experience Tristan is once I get you through four homes, I know exactly what you want and I would say probably eighty percent of the time by our second showing appointment you found your dream home. Is that OK with you?


Tristan: That sounds great.


Steve: Yeah some of the objections are going to come up with is when we go through neighbourhoods, what about all the signs I see that we’re not seeing? You have to be able to stand up and say the reason why we’re not seeing those homes with that sign is because that home did not meet your criteria and I made the commitment to only show you stuff you’re excited about.


If you’re that agent who said Oh, all you know one two seven Main Street, I don’t think that came up on the search, I’m not sure, am you trying to like…


Well we got to go see it just to make sure and now you’re down the water, you have to show them home. It takes a very confident agent to do this process and also another thing that I didn’t talk about a second ago Tristan is you really need to know your market, so if you’re showing homes or like fifty miles apart from each other, if you’re in there’s nothing wrong with this but if you’re the type of Agent that serves a sheet huge geographical area, it’s going to be hard to commit to this process because when they start giving you the community questions or why was this one of the four and you just say I don’t know it look the best picture and it was the cheapest price on the list.


If that’s your answer, they’re going to drill right through on that, that’s happened to me before. I can tell you about this one client in Scottsdale which I really [inaudible] too much and I know the area I grew up in Phoenix but I was showing that and I didn’t know the intricate things and he just ripped me to shreds, when he was asked why the top floor because there was a lot of inventory at the time right.


Tristan: And then you lose them.


Steve: Yeah. And look, we could do all of this work and sometimes it could be just one line of a brick report that would cause the relationship to sour. You’ve got to do all the steps to get a commission cheque and sometimes it’s just one thing. So if you’re going to go to the model of controlling the showings and limiting the amount of homes you show per appointment, it’s really important you do your research ahead of time and it’s really really-really really important.


Tristan: What you’re saying Steve is really about speaking with certainty and having confidence


[24:00] Steve: Correct.


Steve: through that. Like you said that example like a there’s that in the car or whatever and they see a sign and they’re like hey why is this one not on the list, can we take a look at that and then you’re kind of unsure. It’s over right?


So if you respond with confidence, with certainty like you just did and say that home is not on the list because it’s not part of the search criteria that we discussed and all these things that you just mentioned, that’s a big difference maker when it comes to maintaining the confidence of that client. Would you agree?


Steve: If people talk about confidence all the time and how to get confidence. Confidence is just a lagging indicator of repetition, that’s all that is right. So everything that I’m telling you guys, I wasn’t born speaking this way right, I’ve been coached by every company out there, I’ve been a part of amazing mastermind groups, I have some amazing mentors to help me through this stuff. An easy thing that you could do right now is every time you guys go out on appointment every time, every objection you get just write it down the car, when you’re done get in the car open your phone and say, “Okay, they had a question about Commission, pricing, multiple agents and lenders.”


So just write down what the objection is, if I were you and you guys wanted to make this easier, I wouldn’t to learn how to handle the objections and I mean I would but what I would focus on first is how do I just bring as those objections up before they do. That’s how you solve them, Tristan listen, I’m sure if you’re like I don’t know every other seller I’ve worked with you’re probably interviewing multiple agents correct?


Tristan: Yeah.


Steve: Do you think that puts you in a state of power before they bring it up right when you close at the end?


Tristan: Totally do.


Steve: You go through your whole dog and pony show, you say Okay, I’m ready to go. So in your opinion what would be the best state we should put the home on the market. They say wait a second, you’ve got four interviews after you, what do you do then, they’re like oh I didn’t know that, [inaudible] like an idiot asking you on a date when your already married right. So you have to fish out before, it puts you in a position of power when you bring up the objection that you know are coming because you guys have all the experience of what’s going on. Okay, I’m going to go for…


I apologize over and I’ll do this quick, I would create a be prepared package for every buyer you work with, I’ll give you a really quick list; number one I give them a sample contract already filled out with every important area highlighted in yellow. Kevin when I’m buying my first home or I’m buying up in the market right now and in a lot of markets, I know buyers are still having a stretch to get that home because it’s multiple offers, that is not the time Tristan we should overwhelm them with a 90 page California contract.


That’s going to freak them out right, so I see it happen all the time. Okay, cool you want to pay one point three, let me go back to the office, I’m going to type the contract up I’m going to send you via doc, you sign and I’ll get it over to the agent. They go back there or do they fill the whole thing out, the client looks to the doc you sign and they’re like “What the F. is this?”


Like I got to read all this stuff like he told me had twenty minutes to sign this thing, I don’t know what I’m signing and then what happens,


[27:00] they go two pages, they get overwhelmed they say screw it, I trust Tristan I’m going to sign it, they sign it, they never tell you about the challenge, you think everything’s OK and they talk to your friends and they say…


Or they talk to their friends, they say what do you think about Tristan? Well you know it was good but man when it’s him came time to write the contract like I was totally not prepared for that that’s feedback, that we as agents never ever get, they’re never going to tell us that.


Tristan: Very true.


Steve: There’s a famous line that Shawn says right, “good process drives good results.” this is a classic example, do not let them learn about the contract when it comes time to sign the paperwork, that’s unfair to the client. Okay, some other ideas I would….


Go ahead.


Tristan: That’s a really good point dude.


Steve: Yeah. Let me give you some other things. Here’s some other ideas you should write down, you could put this in a P.D.F. format what happens when the home doesn’t appraise? What are your options? What are the things we should be paying attention to in a home inspection? Like what are the things you should freak out about and what are the things that happen in every home in Phoenix Arizona?


I will tell you, almost every single home over five years old has termites. In form or the other, they all they all have it, so don’t freak out about termites. It’s a five hundred dollar fix. Don’t let them… [crosstalk]


Kevin: You’re setting expectations.


Steve: Look it’s totally like if you’re on…


Tristan if I’m on your team and maybe I’m new right, I don’t want to say look I’ve sold six homes in my last year, so here’s what I learned, look I’m on a team of twenty seven people that have been responsible for seven hundred fifty sales in the last ten years and would you agree that success tends to lead clues.


Well yeah of course, well here’s what that means; when you have the amount of expertise that we have in selling hundreds of homes, we know why the die and there’s only three reasons; one, two and three. Now whatever those reasons are, don’t get locked up in that but when you use that type of language, the consumer just kind of feels like Okay, like I’m in good hands right now, I think this guy knows what his talking about, I don’t need to stress about the process if the deal is going to die, he’s going to save it from me right.


That’s the whole thing we’re trying to get them to understand when we go through these buyers consultations. So I’ll stop there, I could literally go for four more hours on this because you guys can make so much money on buyers if you do it right and plus when you do all the stuff right and you are the client, you refer-ability score with these people, it sky rockets. It totally skyrockets when you have good process.


Why don’t you write down? Be prepared for number four.


Kevin: We have a question here. So since you’re only showing properties on Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, whatever your schedule is; during the week are you emailing them properties or just sending them four to six homes that match their criteria?


Steve: That’s a great question, so when my coach originally told me to do this, my only job on Monday and Tuesday was to fill those appointment slots, that’s it, you were to do whatever it takes to fill your appointment.


And actually for those who [inaudible] members of the daily action plan to [inaudible]


Email that they get every single day at eight o’clock in the morning, it say what that schedule should look like, it was a little bit phrased in a different perspective,


[30:00] but let’s say for my goals, I need one listing appointment, 2 COI appointments and for showing appointments a week to hit my goal, I would put all those on my calendar that way on Monday and Tuesday when I’m making my calls, I’m very specific as when I need to close people because when I know what I want it’s easy to close.


So yeah Kevin it’s a multitude of things, number one all my prospect is felling into that and number two, all the active clients I’m working, I’m just prescheduling those appointments.


Kevin: Okay, so here’s another question and this one may have a long answer but other than that, so we talked a lot about setting up ____, you mentioned it briefly where you said after every property that we see, I’m going to ask if you want to buy this home and then explain the reasons why.


I think a lot of us have challenges when we’re at the property and we think it’s the right home for them, how do we close that? How do we get them to go all in on a house that we know is the right house for them? Essentially what I’m asking is how do we close out the property?


Steve: So there’s a fairly simple process I’m going to give you for that, you’re basically going to do one version of a pro and con list. So you want to roleplay that really quick? Okay. So Kevin there was some interesting things I took note of when we were in the showing today, do you mind if I share those with you?


Kevin: Yes, sure.


Steve: Do you guys see the language when I give you a sentence and I ask your permission to move forward?


Going back to that yes pattern gets them in the habit of saying yes to me but more importantly it gets them bought into the process right. So if I understood the showing correctly, here’s what I picked up Kevin, you liked the kitchen, the appliances were good, the master was the size you were looking for. You like the pool, the layout seemed Okay and on the opposite perspective and literally on the back of the M.L.S….


Kevin: can I interrupt real quick, I want to understand where you’re at with this, are you doing this at the house?


Steve: Absolutely.


Kevin: So right after the house, right after you guys have finished you’re writing this up on a piece of paper is that what you’re doing?


Steve: Correct. Like on the back of MLS sheet, on my i-Pad or even on my phone, but it’s important that they see you writing because if there’s something that happens when we’re in dialogue and if Tristan and I are in an point right now and his my agent he’s writing down what I’m saying, it just makes me believe, it gets me committed that he’s just a little bit more committed to the conversation the normal.


So I noticed you liked all those things, some of the things that stuck out to me that you didn’t like is the carpet seemed a little out-dated, you didn’t like the paint. And maybe you prefer the home to face East, is there anything in your likes and dislikes column that you think I may have missed?


Kevin: I also like the backyard but I didn’t really like the wall that was in the kitchen because it blocked the view.


Steve: Oh Okay. That makes sense, anything else you can think of?


Kevin: It would have been nice to have a three car garage,


[33:00] this one is a two car but it’s not the end of the world.


Steve: Okay, so three car? In your opinion, I know you just said that but I’m asking again and your opinion do you think that’s a deal breaker?


Kevin: No it’s not a deal breaker, it just would be nice that.


Steve: Okay. So here’s the good news, we can replace the carpet, we can repaint, can’t move the home but you said that wasn’t a huge deal, so wall we can restructure, being that this home checks so many of your like boxes is this the one you and I should write a contract on today?


Kevin: I kind of want to think about it.


Steve: Tell me what that means?


Kevin: Good question, I just have to talk with my family, talk with my wife, think it through. And then decide kind of what we want to do because we’ve seen three other homes.


Steve: Yeah.


Kevin: Since you’ve been showing us four at a time and this is one that I think is like up there on the list but not really like pull the trigger right now.


Kevin: Okay, cool so here’s I’m going to fish that motivation out, this is a script I’m going to give you.


Kevin I want to make sure that I’m aligned with your motivation, so if you had to rank this home overall based on how you would rank it, on a scale of one to ten, you can’t be a five. How would you rank this home?


Kevin: This one is one definitely a nine or ten.


Steve: Okay. So let’s say nine and a half because that’s a happy medium. And let me ask you one more ratings question, if I called you tomorrow at eight o’clock in the morning and told you that somebody else already got an accepted contract on this, on a scale of one to ten, how disappointed would you be?


Kevin: I’d be pissed. [laughter]


Tristan: Yeah, well I am firing you first.


Steve: Perfect. Okay, so if you’d be pissed that you’d lose this at a level ten at eight o’clock based on… because I want to make sure on a your process, when would you like me to follow up with you in regards to the final decision around this home?.


Kevin: Tomorrow.


Steve: Here’s what you’re going to find and believe it or not, a lot of people would say I got to think think-think but then you’re asking for the numbers and the numbers don’t match what they say, so what do we do then right? We can ask the question Kevin if it’s Okay with you, can I share a concern with you?


Kevin: Yes.


Steve: When you tell me that you’re going to need this angry if we lose the home it sounds to me that we should probably make a decision tonight correct?


Kevin: It’s a good point Steve.


Steve: Okay. Do you think you’re prepared to have that conversation with your family right after appointment right now?


Kevin: Yeah. I think I will talk to my wife about it, are there any other people interested in this home?


Steve: I haven’t talked to the listing agent yet but if that’s important, I can make the call right after this.


Kevin: Okay, yeah it’d be good to know that but I mean now that I think about it I think it makes sense to decide.


Steve: Okay. And look there’s a way that we can leave them to that result without being directive. Like we don’t want to be the agent that says well listen if you sleep on it, you won’t sleep in it. If anybody on this call ever says, I will personally come to your market and punch you in your face, don’t ever do that to a client.


What’s that?


Tristan: I said at least we get to meet you in person.


Steve: There is a super-powerful agent when I was in Phoenix, that was on one of the H.D. T.V. shows


[36:00] and he said that line and the next episode, I call him like dude and he’s like I already know what you’re going to say, I’m like What am I going to say?


The sleep on it or sleep in line. I’m like What do you… he’s like I was told to say that by the producers and I cringe when I said it and I said, “Okay, all right, that’s good.” I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.


You can do it without being directive, you just have to ask the right questions that gives them permission to give you the real emotion. That’s what you’re really doing, you’re negotiating emotions in this deal.


Tristan: You’re really good. Yes.


Kevin: I think a lot of us have that challenge and we’re you know read the property, so it’s really-really you shared that.


Steve: Look clients are paying us to help them move the needle, they’re not paying us as glorified assistants and look, I know that buyer commission sometimes gets hidden in the process because the buyer doesn’t pay it but if you guys think that your clients are out there looking at three hundred, five hundred, one million, two million dollar properties and they’re not doing the mathematical computations about how much money you’re making, your nuts, they know.


They know that if they’re going to write an offer on a two million dollar home, you’re going to make somewhere gross line after expense on that stuff, they know that check’s going to have a sixty…


You know the Number sixteen on it, they’re not stupid right. So it’s up to you to guide them, they want to buy but they’re just nervous, if they weren’t nervous they wouldn’t need us, there just buy direct right. Okay. That’s my four, Hopefully I didn’t dumb anybody down on the call, if you guys have any questions I’m here for you, I can answer them now or you can e-mail me, tag me on Facebook, send me a letter… [crosstalk]


Tristan: Look before you finish it. Can you explain to everybody how Kingston Lane can help everyone here?


Steve: Yes, so going back to my history as a real estate agent. I’d give you guys a two minute pitch, a very soft pitch. Or maybe a won’t, I don’t know, just kidding. Like I told you seven thousand coaching call, seven hundred home sold, that’s weird, there’s a lot of sevens in it and I should actually create a brand around that, I know that people have their C.R.M. and they have their legion platforms, boomtown, Zillow, commissions Inc. All that stuff right, spot contacts top producer, whatever we exist in the middle.


Here’s what that means. We execute everything that you promise your clients you are going to do. Listening landing pages, brand ID sites, automatic social media ads, pushbutton digital finding ads, automatic e-mail marketing all of that we do for you it’s a very simple platform to be a pro user of ours it’s only ninety nine dollars for the a year period and then you just pay for whatever and how many much advertising you want to do.


Okay. We’re never going to be a C.R.M, we’re never going to be a traditional… like there’s no public component in the sense of like a Zillow or a boomtown or anything like that, we actually plug in with both of those. So whatever you generate with us will actually zap back out to your C.R.M so you use your process.


Kevin: nice. And like I said, there’s a free for life account, you can take advantage of the push button digital farming ads which is essentially we want all the


[39:00] Facebook ads to a Home valuation page that we give you for free and you can collect all those leads on that, there is no cost to do that, the account is free, just go to and sign up, a whole bunch of other features if you want access to those features, it’s ninety nine dollars for the first year.


Kevin: Can you repeat that first you said about the landing page?


Steve: Yes. So you guys all know what a home valuation page is right.


Kevin: I would love you to explain what that is real quick.


Steve: Yeah, so it’s a three-four step process, traffic comes to the page and enter your address here to find out what your home is worth, take them to step two, you know here’s a map we found your home and enter your email address to unlock your value, they enter the e-mail address, we give them a value range the cool thing about what we do Kevin is most companies charge eighty bucks a month just add this page for us, it’s free for life.


Kevin: It’s crazy.


Steve: You can go to Kingston lane to get a free account right now, don’t use us for any of the ads and you can just have that page for free.


Kevin: Every on right now, you guys need to take advantage of this, like that’s huge value right there. What about [inaudible] you guys work with that all or do we have to do that on our own? Is that our responsibility or is that something you guys are going to do?


Steve: Either which way, let me tell you the benefit of why we should do it. We’ve got two thousand members right now across the country and some other markets as well we, run all the apps of the page and we split test everything against each other and the reason why that’s important is when we split tests you can be assured that only the best ads are running on your behalf, you can run him a radius around an address if you’re doing something around a listing or you can run it around a zip code.


So we run that for you, you say whether you want to spend one hundred, two hundred, three hundred dollars on the ad, we do a four day campaign, you collect all the weed, it literally takes I don’t know forty five seconds to launch an ad, we do the whole build for you or if you’re a do it yourselfer, that’s fine. Just get a free account and use it to run your own traffic. That’s cool.


Kevin: I don’t want to do that, I’m going to have you do it for me.


Steve: Totally. That’s what we’re here for. So even though that…


Look because we’re split testing, because it’s our AD account, because everything that we do, we’re going to get you a better result because (a) we have a much bigger season at our account than ninety nine percent of agents out there and (b) we’re split testing, so you can do it on your own, you can know your market but your costs are click I promise you is going to be double on our site at least. That’s the benefit, simple.


Tristan: Well thanks for being on bro. Everybody’s like saying this is amazing, they love you, that one person says You look like Jason Statham.


Steve: I don’t have Jason’s body but maybe I can get away with that.


Tristan: No dude. It was amazing, everybody’s giving awesome feedback.


Kevin: Someone just said this is the best call ever.


Steve: I was a little nervous for the call to be honest. So last night I took a thirty minute class on line about how to be a good coach, so hopefully that twelve dollars paid off. [laughter]


Kevin: It did. Those twelve bucks were worth it.


[42:00] Steve: Yeah listen I mean this, like I am in this industry to serve every real estate agent out there, I believe that when they work together better things happen, that is the whole promise for Kingston Lane. So if there was any amount of value that I gave you guys today, one of the easiest ways you could repay me is just get a free account, don’t even pay any money, just go get a free account, start playing with it, let me how it works and let me know your feedback and whatever we can do to help secure your business.


Kevin: If anyone has questions can they email you, can they reach out to you.


Steve: Absolutely my e-mail…


You can put it in chat, it’s There’s also a Kingston Lane Facebook group if you want to tag me there and ask questions, you can message me on Facebook, friend me, FedEx.


Kevin: That’s amazing, that’s really great that you’re willing to share and help and answer questions. I mean for someone at your level, that’s huge values for that. thank you very much for your call today and all that amazing knowledge you dropped on us and I learned a lot and I know everybody else learned a lot.