Suneet Agarwal:  We wanted to go over different listing lead sources, right. You all know it’s said all the time. If you control the inventory your business is pretty stable, right. So, it’s always my goal to get as many listings as possible… Signs in the ground are always better than the signs in the trunk. I want to sell everything and I know a lot of you other people on here are great listing agents as well, and if you’re not yet, I know that you want to be. So today we’re going to go over my favorite listing lead sources as well as you know some can conversion tips, the goal is to go through the slides, talk about them briefly and hopefully have a couple minutes at the end to address any questions..

Kevin Markarian: Listing lead sources and conversion tips.  So, the number one listing lead source for us are buyer leads, right.  And I’m sure everyone else all other team leaders on here can agree. Statistics show that over 40 percent of buyers also need to sell. What is what is the conversion tip on this? You have to ask the right questions.  Our team made a significant change in our script this year and as a result we found out that all these, the tons of leads that we get, there’s a large amount that need sell. But you have to ask the right questions it’s as basic as where do you currently live? Do you need to sell before you buy? Right, opens it up, general question and it’s pretty important if someone needs to sell.

Suneet Agarwal: So next is home value leads. About 3-4 years ago and this is funny because home value is how I started talking to Dan Herbert, Kevin, Tristan, couple of years ago these were all the rage, they’ve kind of died down because it’s mostly a lot of curious people but the goal of this is the home value lead is the top of the funnel.  So, this is kind of how you work that. The basic description of the lead is someone that fills out a landing page on Facebook or on your website. The follow up will be extensive. Personally, I’ve never had somebody do a home valuation form made the appointment and listed it. That’s never happened to me I don’t know too many people it doesn’t that it has. If it has, great.  Pat yourself on the back. In your extensive follow-up you need to be following up…


The entire time, right. You’re establishing trust that leads to the next point. Go for the relationship not necessarily the initial close. I’ve had a home value leads where I was able to get in the door after the first call and it took six months to a year to get that sign on the ground. But that’s okay I called him every month, gave him market updates.  When you do get the lead it’s important to try and call ASAP like any other online lead. Do you want to reach that person when they’re still looking at the report that you’ve sent them or that your form has generated? Really easy script you know come from a customer service, direction, I just got your inquiry on the value of your home. Have you done any updates to your home since you bought it? Start there, start the conversation, go from there, right.

Next, farming. I know that there are some successful farmers on this call. I like to think that I’m a fairly successful at it as well. You know so.  I think it’s less about look at me, look at me, look at me. It’s more about here’s important. Look at me is important but in the initial steps you want to provide valuable information that is interesting to the to the homeowner. Market stats, new restaurants opening. You know something going on it and the park, community events, maybe a coupon to one of these new restaurants or cafes bars. Once you’ve established that then proof of success. We just sent out a piece that show that I sold I think seven homes and the same zip code last month. That’s powerful, right. People look at that and say you know damn that’s a lot of in my neighborhood.  You have to remain consistent and consistency is key and pretty much all sales. So, you can’t expect to send out one piece of mail and start to crush, although sidebar one of my agents Justin Holmes sent out one piece of mail and had a listing his first mail piece ever. So regardless, consistency is key. This is usually a long-term play. It can take 12 to 18 months before you have any kind of return on investment. Include neighborhood events, we kind of spoke about that with the first bullet point. Start a Facebook group, something I learned from Tristan as well. If you’re farming, you know pick a neighborhood, start a Facebook group with good content and invite all those same people in the neighborhood. Facebook ads targeting the same geographical area with similar content, right, consistent messaging between the mail and Facebook. If you’re going to make calls, I do that I have a buyer script.

Expired and Withdrawn Listings


Now I personally don’t feel that I’m a master of this, we do get expireds, just through different leverage. So, number one as you all know… Be ready to hustle. Hustle your frigging face off, right, get to wake up early, you have to make your calls consistency once again.  You’d have to practice your scripts, you have to be a master of them. Something that one of the members of the webinar said yesterday was she doesn’t have her scripts memorized. She has them internalized, right. So, she’s she breathes, she eats, she dreams her scripts. If you want to be successful at this that’s when the first steps. Be different. Don’t say the same old crap as everybody else. Next with any kind of online lead. Follow-up forever. Okay follow up, follow up, follow up. I mean you’ve all heard everybody say this a hundred times. Here’s a hundred more times follow up forever. Set time aside daily to prospect both new expireds and the older ones every day, same time start early. These people want to list. They already have their house on the market. You know that’s one less hurdle to overcome. Something powerful with this as well is using custom audiences and Facebook with valuable content. Create a funnel this way write blogs, five reasons your home didn’t sell.  Somebody has expired listing their getting a hundred calls, they go on Facebook every day, they see your blogs, when they get a call from you you’re already in their head. Does that make sense everybody? I hope it does.

For Sale By Owner

Personally, I do more for sale by owners then expired and this was you know kind of the same thing. These sellers traditionally don’t have much faith or trust in Realtors. I think they can do it themselves. They think that realtors are worthless overpaid etc. etc. but they do want to sell they’re actively having their house on the market.  Again, know your scripts, know your objections, provide value as always, right and some of the value is by giving them resources for free that gets you in the door, offer to hold open houses farm, right. Tell them if a buyer comes in that that buys your house, you’ll let them have it. Put an IVR side out front. You know dial one, two, three four pictures and data and say if someone wants to buy this house right have it.  Give them the disclosures, give them one other whatever other Doc’s you don’t think they have access to. Gain the trust. So, when they give up they call you. 90% I think that’s the right stat….


….  90% of for sale by owners end up listing with an agent.  If you built that trust and on top of mine that would be you.

Kevin Markarian:  I sure can. Okay couple quick questions here. One is on you mentioned scripts.  Do you have any scripts that you can share I mean obviously you can’t go over all of them right now?  But do you have any scripts that you can share number one. And number two you mentioned an IVR sign, can you tell us about what that is?

Suneet Agarwal:  Sure… Here’s the deal with scripts as you can google a million different scripts whatever will work as long as it’s genuine and it’s internalized, right. Go to Mike Perry page and look at his expired scripts, right. He’s the master and they’re all free, they’re all on YouTube, they’re on Google, go crazy just use something that speaks to you. Okay the IVR signs, I’ll say it again. Something like Call Action, or ProQuest, or Listings to Leads. It’s a sign in the yard that says our details and pictures on this home text home to 123456789 to a phone number. That makes an inquiry and generates the lead and that could be a potential buyer for that house. And offer to give those buyers that are interested in that house to the first sale by owner, chances are it’ll end up being a lead in your system that you’ve generated for free, interested in a different house. Good guys?

Kevin Markarian: Great stuff.  Thanks, Suneet.

Distressed Data

Suneet Agarwal:  Okay so distressed data. You guys heard me talk about this stuff all the time I love this. So, you know there’s big teams all over the country. Someone like Kent Clothier who may be the biggest flipper in the in the nation that Kevin and I and Tristan have had the honor of sitting down with. This is the data the he goes after for both flip opportunities and listings, right. Distressed, financially distressed in a position where they’re more likely to sell.  Here are some of the different kinds of distress data that I personally target. Notice the default, bankruptcy, Lis pendens. I don’t think we have unless pedestal Sacramento anymore, divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is money guys. Notice of sale can be a little bit of a challenge because you may not have very much time. One thing with notice of sale is what’s that gets filed these people have to sell, they have to move. So that’s the easiest listing appointment you’ve ever been on with the most commission that you could fit in — if they have equity. Non-owner occupancy and out of state non-owner occupancy.  And probate, we have one probate listing right now. You know working on getting better at those. We also did a webinar on lab coat agents with the guys from all the leads a couple weeks ago where we delve deeper into probate data and conversion.


So, these are the ways that we target distressed homeowners…


Postcards, I have a mail campaign going out big, beautiful postcards, picture of my face on there. I am approaching it as a regular realtor. Okay yellow investor letters, this is a different approach. This is the investor approach which we’ll talk about on another slide. Call, make your calls. It’s important when you make these calls to not say oh, hey I heard you got a divorce, want to sell your house? Or hey I heard you may be losing your house, want to sell your house? No, it’s always that I have a buyer. Okay finally take the time handwritten letters. Get an envelope, get a Mickey Mouse stamp on their, hand write the address, write a meaningful I have a buyer letter or act as if you’re the buyer yourself. Many of these are going to be awesome opportunities for flips. If that’s something that’s in your plan, here’s it here’s a great way to a way to get them.

Kevin Markarian: Question Suneet. On your last slide you mentioned to call people, where are you getting their phone numbers?

Suneet Agarwal:  Yeah, I mean you can use sometimes they’re available on Cole Realty, sometimes Spokeo, sometimes LexisNexis, sometimes LandVoice, you’re going to have to find based on your geographical area which source gives you the most accurate phone numbers.

Kevin Markarian: What about what about rebo gateway Suneet?

Suneet Agarwal:  Rebo gateway doesn’t give enough phone numbers yet man. They give about 30%.

Kevin Markarian: I think that that’s source that I’ve seen so far for phone numbers is Cole Realty.

Suneet Agarwal:  Yeah same. But I mean like the big team that that that does a lot of these has every data source available and the most accurate is going to be LexisNexis also the most expensive but that’s the same stuff that like courthouses and the FBI uses. So, LexisNexis I believe it’s, LexisNexis, is I’m not certain but if you google that that’ll be your best option for the data.

Zbuyer seller leads.  Really quick. I hope that everybody on here knows what these are and calls them already.  We list a couple homes from here every year, couple maybe eight or nine it used to be more. There’s a lot more people calling these leads now. I mean ultimately, I don’t give a damn how many people call these leads. But the approach is always the investor approach, right.  If you can buy a house for 30% off, you should buy it, find the buddy to buy it. So good ones are thinking that. I’ll buy it for this much or sell it for this much which one sounds better to you. Once again consistent phone calls, establishing trust and rapport.

Kevin Markarian:  Suneet, I have another question here, a really good question from Amanda Todd. So, she asks where are you finding the list of these people? Probate, NOD etc. Where you finding the information, divorce notice of default, probate, all that.

Suneet Agarwal:  She’s the only person I won’t to answer that question for…


So, start with Rebo Gateway.  It’s super cheap, easy to set up and is super easy to use. Okay and let me send you my referral link. So at least I get a rip. Okay, finally referral sources. Check out these sites, okay. Home, expert home offer, a stately, movoto and fast expert. Go on those sites, make an account on each, have a juicy profile and you should get some listings.

Kevin Markarian: There’s a question here. Somebody asked what is the best lead source of all the resources you mentioned to generate listings.

Suneet Agarwal:  I’m going to give you a horrible answer guys. The best one is the one that you work your face off on.

Kevin Markarian: That’s a great answer actually. Just work it. So, find one source and just use that source of work it regularly.

Suneet Agarwal:  Like I mean I suck at expireds.  I don’t want to make those calls. I pay

someone to make them. I don’t know if they’re that good either. On the drive in today I was thinking of ways to more effectively getting more expireds.

Kevin Markarian: Okay and then so another question what are the IVR signs companies again? So would that be Call Action?

Suneet Agarwal:  Call Action is our favorite, ProQuest listings, I know Listing to Leads has that, I like Call Action.

Kevin Markarian: I like about Call Action is if you are using a CRM like we use Follow Up Boss. If so somebody text information they want more information they’ll text the word you know home or whatever you put on the sign, what Call Action will do is it’ll scrub that phone number on the internet and it’ll pull data public record data on that person based on their phone number. It gives you everything on that person. It’s about 70% accurate I’d say. But what happens if you use a CRM like we do call, we use Follow Up Boss, it’ll automatically transfer all that person’s information into your CRM. So you’ll see their name, their phone number, their home, how much they owe on their home. You know how much they make, their income; all that information is provided. They’ll show you their LinkedIn profile all those things within a second of them texting through the IVR…

Online Profiles


 …. So, Call Action is a really great resource for that. Another question, can you give us some tips on creating a juicy profile? You mentioned juicy profile on like home light and some of those other sites.

Suneet Agarwal:   So, here’s the tip. If there’s a blank spot for you to fill something in, fill it frigging in, right. Make it look good like every home you’ve sold, put a picture. You know feel free to embellish whatever you got going.

Kevin Markarian: So, the other thing about Suneet, guys is a few look up Suneet on Zillow, you’ve got like 80 plus reviews. Suneet mentioned to me a couple days ago is a to simply sign up with Zillow. If you don’t want to spend the thousands of dollars to generate leads you can simply sign up with Zillow as a premier agent, pay the minimum amount, right Suneet?  If you have a solid profile, you might get listings just from that because that’s what happens to you, right?

Suneet Agarwal:  Every day. Not I mean not every day I afraid of wish it was every day but twice a week right.

Kevin Markarian: And the thing about reviews is I mean or all those reviews from people that you’ve sold houses to Suneet.  On Zillow every single one of them?

Kevin Markarian: Because I don’t think it’s a requirement because it could be like someone that you showed a home to, it could be you know ….

Suneet Agarwal:  There’s a couple people that have shown homes to you. There are I was going to say my mom has a review on there. Not everybody someone has finished a transaction.

Kevin Markarian: Yeah so you know we’re talking to people all day long. And if you have a good relationship with someone you may not have you may have not sold them a home but they liked your services, you can ask them for a review. Because that’s an option on Zillow it’ll say like show to home but didn’t purchase or something like that.  So yeah having reviews is super important. There’s another question. How many hours a day do you, your team members spend calling these sources? How many hours a day are you working these sources? What would you say?

Suneet Agarwal:  Not enough.

Kevin Markarian: Yeah okay.

Suneet Agarwal:  I have my ISA’s that call a lot of these for about twelve hours a day with the ISA. With an ISA I am 100% confident that the calls are being made, right and in a you know field where consistency is key, the ISA provide the most consistency for me.

Kevin Markarian: You know people talk about is as and hiring people and stuff like that. If you have time on your hands, you need to be the one that you know right so until you get to a point where you can’t do any more on your own and that’s what it makes sense to go to higher up. Would you agree with that?

Suneet Agarwal:  Oh, do like. I wish I had time to make the calls myself but ultimately right now it’s not the highest value producing thing I can do, for a lot of you guys it still is right. So, schedule it. I mean how much time do you have every day to make these calls? Do you have an hour or two you can dedicate to doing this? Okay so you have a few, you know and you’ve heard this before. Just make the calls, make them every day, every day.

Kevin Markarian: Right and the thing is like what else are you going to do?  That was like I remember hearing a quote in it like touched me because it’s so true. Somebody said there was there was someone who said I would I would make three hours a day worth of calls because I had nothing else to do. Like what else are you going to do? If you don’t have anything else to do get in there make calls, choose one of these sources that Suneet mentioned and just go all in, go deep with one or two sources and just focus.

Suneet Agarwal:  Yeah just hammer him out, Google that script, get a Mike Perry script…


... get on YouTube. I mean I know Sam will be here one of these weeks. And he’s the script king. You know download one of these scripts, memorize the heck out of them and pick up the phone and make those do dials.